CRY Ministry



Charity Rest Youth Ministry

 Combine Youth Month
Greater Lighthouse and Charity Rest Church of God in Christ
Annual Day
July 28, 2013
Host Church
Greater Lighthouse
707 N. Wood Street
Ferris, Texas 75125
Pastor Elder Darrick Willis

Charity Rest Youth Ministry Mission



CRY—Charity Rest Youth strives to be a movement of Christian youth dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.


Vision Statement: The vision of the CRY Ministry is to let the young people of our community know that they matter, and to provide them with a space where they are welcomed, heard, and accepted into a spiritual family that will not judge them.


Mission Statement: Our mission is to respond to the social and spiritual needs of the teens, and young adults in our community by providing fun programs, activities, and events that will allow them to express their faith through their own words and actions, to encourage them to use their individual talents in programs and ministries that interest them in order to nurture their growth as people of faith while providing volunteer services to the community.



When it come to our education our parents remind us that quitting is not an option. I challenge all of Charity Rest Youth to place in their heart and mind.



“Quitting is not an Option”



Take a look at our name it spells Charity Rest Youth. It is pronounce CRY




Isaiah 58:1 tells us Young People

Cry aloud, spare not…Don’t be quiet! Yell as loud as a trumpet! Comfort my people with their rebellious deeds; confront Jacob’s family with their sin1




CRY, when people are in a desperate situations, we want to be a community of believers who are authorized users (committed disciples) of Jesus' Name. This is the ministry that we want to have; to be both spiritual and practical. We want to call on the Name of Jesus to access His power, but we also want to reach out and help others – seizing them, if need be, to get them going in the right direction.






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